Safety Bib & Bobs Do Not Make You Look Silly

Bob, Bob, Bob! You’re going to look and feel like a fool if you’re one of those guys who think it’s pretty cool to go zipping down the neighborhood streets without a safety bike horn attached to the front crossbar of the bike. Yes, it is one of those gadgets that make those weird noises. Don’t be a fool in thinking that it is only weird old men with washing line pegs attached to their suit pants at the ankles that are parping those horns.

Weird old men are actually wise old men, didn’t you know. And in case you’ve forgotten dorks, geeks, nerds, whatever you’ve been prone to calling them over the years, are legendary for being really brainy guys. And some of them have been getting on with their lives becoming really rich and famous entrepreneurs. They don’t wear mom’s pegs around their ankles, of course. Being the genii that they are, they’ve probably had a hand in inventing those gadgets and gizmos that keep folks on their bikes safe on the roads.

safety bike horn

The safety bike horn is one of those things. A nifty swifty little cat might be sneaking his way across the road. So, what better way to get him to hurry along now. You get to honk at guys in front of you. On their meaty looking skateboards. On the main road. Clever guys who seem to think they don’t need to use the skating lanes down at the park. And without helmets too. Big fat chances they’re taking.

Goes for you too if you’re riding your bike down the road with an inflated ego and without a helmet on your head. Its tires that get inflated, didn’t you know. And heads without helmets get busted.