Cleaning Materials That Green-Friendly Janitor Will Be Using

janitorial cleaning rags

If the janitor is a green-friendly man, that must mean that he is environmentally friendly, right? Everything he does around the place is going to be a reflection of that. He is one of those stalwarts in productive life that is not always appreciated. You have to appreciate and admire someone who is prepared to roll up his sleeves and get to work down in the nether regions of your toilet bowl. The man is prepared to work long hours too.

And for far less pay than you would. Given the results he pulls out of the rabbit bag, you would hardly think that this is fair. And yet this is not a man that is easily swayed to go on strike over low wages. Apart from the fact that he is more than likely going to lose his job anyways, he may just need the money, and he may even be able to put it to good use. His employer should be taking note of how this green-friendly man is saving on maintenance and housekeeping costs.

One of the things the green-friendly janitor will be doing is giving the vacuum cleaner and polisher a breather and replacing it with regular use janitorial cleaning rags. These rags use no electricity. And, providing that the washing is green-friendly too, these rags can be used over and over again. How sustainable is that, right? These are rags that have been crafted from recycled and reclaimed materials.

Materials, would you believe, that have been sourced straight from those awfully smelling landfill sites close to a home near you. And of course, these rags can be used over and over again. Turns out that with a little more elbow grease, they can do a better job than the appliances.