No Horsing About With Jump Cups

To be horsing about is to be playing the fool, not taking things too seriously, basically just having a good time. You could just say that the matter of riding a horse for pleasure or show could have been a form of horsing about. But no. As much as it is going to be a real pleasure riding on a horse, the pursuit does need to be taken quite seriously. There is that small matter of the horse’s wellbeing to be taken into account.

horse jump cups

And that is where the horse jump cups come into play. For the purposes of training for both horse and rider, jumping fences will be used. The heights and widths of these fences will of course vary in accordance with the rider and horse’s abilities, as well as size. Horse jump cups are inserted loosely into these fences. And here is how it works. Here is the very purpose of those horse jump cups. As the horse approaches the fence, there is every possibility that it is not going to make it.

It is always possible that its heels or ankles are going to clip the top of the fence. And should that have happened it would have led to quite a serious injury indeed. But no. thanks to the horse jump cups, the potential blow is softened. Because as the horse makes contact with the jumping fence, the cups allow it to knock the railings of that fence out of place. So as the horse makes its way through this fence, it is able to glide through without any possibility of injury.

For the purposes of safety and the general wellbeing of the horse there has also been a concerted move away from utilizing plastic cups and jumps. 

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