Helping Poor Kid To Play Piano

There might be one standing on the great stage down at Carnegie Hall but even you know that to have a grand piano in your home is probably just not financially possible. It is just so expensive. And furthermore, your home probably does not have the space for a black grand piano in any event. But it does have place for an upright piano, if not that, a recording keyboard. And guess what; you can afford it too.

But not these kids. Nor their moms and hardworking dads, and more than likely; certainly not their great uncles and aunts either. And yet, there are kids out on the street far worse off. Well, not living on the street, but coming pretty close. As to these kids’ plight, many of them are in and out of school like a grasshopper taking flight from a burning cornfield. And many of them would so love to play a piano.

Donate piano nyc

Even a trumpet. A guitar, a banjo, a set of drums too. So many musical instruments that these kids may be dreaming of at night. You can afford your own piano. And you can help these kids too. Donate piano nyc initiatives are part of drives run by a non-governmental organization trying to give new hope to such kids as these, getting them to believe and experience that dreams do come true, even for them.

You’re out in Boston. There’s fine concert halls there too. Or you reside in and around Venice, LA, near the beachfront. You’ve got access to open air auditoriums perfectly equipped for nighttime concerts by candlelight and awesome rock concerts too. So far away from the city that never sleeps. Even so, you can help these kids too. You go online and click to make your donation. 

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